Thursday, 8 May 2014

HuttCross 2014

We are happy to announce the exciting development of a major spot prize for the Hüttcross series.

Anders Waiker will be offering a custom-built frame to one lucky recipient. Each round that you attend in our series gets you an entry into the prize draw, which will be held after the finale on 24 August.

Some of you may have seen Anders' frames at various events around Wellington, but if you're not familiar check out http://www.crucialcustomcycles.co.nz/

His work is lovely, and we're stoked to be able to offer up such a great spot prize. Chapeau, Anders.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Hüttcross. This series builds on the success of the winters of 'cross brought to you by Mike Anderson & Co. We've picked up the reins, and we are excited to provide you with another winter of invited masochism.

The sport of cyclocross is opening in Wellington like a beautiful moist wintry flower. More and more of the cycling fraternity have relegated their wind trainers to the musty cupboards to which they belong; favouring the excitement of 'cross over the unjustifiable tedium of pedalling on the spot.

We will be bringing you some six rounds in total, with the final round following the NZ Champs in Hawke's Bay on August 10th. We have something special in store for the finale.

Cost is $10. This series is not for profit. All proceeds will be circulated back into the coffers for the benefit of Wellington cyclocross.

The rules are straightforward: we are there for a hard but fun time. Burgling is not in the spirit of cyclocross and will be carefully monitored. The organisers reserve the right to enforce the movement of any competitor into a harder grade. No appeals will be heard. Bribes might be considered.

Course practice: by all means test out the course, but NOT while races are in progress. Everyone loves a clear run, so please warm up on the road.

Links to key information appear on the right of your screen. Keep an eye on this Facebook page for updates and developments.

We look forward to seeing you at Round One.