Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Key Info Update

Good evening, crossers.

Your merry band of enthusiasts was very pleased with how the first round of the series went. Everyone looked to have had a great time - the organiser's perspective is set out in the post below.

We've made a tweak to the race schedule, with the Kids' Race now sitting in between the B and A grade races thusly:

C Grade - 0900
B Grade - 1000
Kids' Race - 1050
A Grade - 1115

This will give those kids whose parents are turning up for the A or B grade races a greater opportunity to participate, and should hopefully encourage more people to hang around and watch the rest of the racing.

The second thing we'd like to note is that those competitors who wish to race in two grades should:

(a) Pay an additional entry fee; and
(b) Refrain from competing for the win in the "lower" grade.

This keeps things fair across the board.

The weather for Round Two looks to be fine and calm - but there should still be a good amount of slop from this wintry week we seem to be enjoying.

We look forward to seeing y'all at California Park on Sunday to do it all again.

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