Saturday, 12 July 2014

Round 4

Be like Lars.
Round 4 at California Park this Sunday. It's looking damp ahead of the race again, so be inspired by stage 5 of Le Tour and embrace the mud, the battle, and the glory
(for one catch-up, see: http://inrng.com/2014/07/tour-de-france-stage-5-wrap/).

Check out heaps of photos from round 4 here, and results here.

For those who either want to give a CX bike a go, or who have family/friends/enemies they want to play a prank on, the generous blokes at BikeTec will again have some bikes available for use. If anyone is interested in making use of one, flick them an email at huttcross@xnet.co.nz.

This offer is also open for the Kapiti CX series but you will have to come by and pick up the bikes as I wont be there.

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