Thursday, 14 August 2014

Post-Nationals, Pre-Extravaganza

Good evening, lovers.

Your trusty scribe is back to breathe some warmth into the 'cross cockles and get you excited for our grand finale. But first, a brief on Nationals.

Wellington generally and Hüttcross specifically sent up a strong contingent to duke it out on a fast course in dry conditions. Of the 8 jerseys on offer, we came away with 5. Big congrats to Martine Barnes, Kim Hurst, Rob Kilvington, Ben Knight and Brendon Sharratt for their respective national titles.

As organisers of this fair series, we felt some vicarious pride in those titles. While the hard work that each rider put in spoke for itself, we were stoked that our series provided fertile training ground for 5 national champs and several more podium finishers.


Anyhow, Nationals aside, the best is yet to come.

Just as tuning out after the Road World Champs risks missing Il Lombardia, you'd do well to look forward to 24 August. We want to crack this baby open and encourage mass participation. We anticipate the biggest field yet. But we also want to encourage spectators, friends, lovers (of you lovers) and rogues alike.  

We're also excited to put the new venue through its paces. The event will reflect the good times you've grown accustomed to (however difficult they may be to extract at the time) and a celebration to thank you all for your participation. While we put our hands up to organise the 2014 series, you gave us a reason to do so. Your enthusiasm and kind words at each and every round validated that decision.

The location of the final round is a source of mild confusion. Some maps have it named Awa Kairangi, others have it named Ngati Tama. For the avoidance of doubt, I've prepared this very sophisticated map that is both sociologically and geographically accurate:

Which brings me roughly to the end of my spiel. But never fear, I'll be back at the weekend with the tap-tippy-tap of plastic keys and the unravelling thread to guide you into the queer abyss once more. 

Friday tomorrow, champs. Make it one to remember.

Big love,


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