Saturday, 9 April 2016

New year, new season, new legal personality.

Kia Ora, Huttcrosseuers.

Huttcross is planning to become an incorporated society! We've decided to do this in order to establish a more formal and permanent structure for running Huttcross events. It means the organisers will have a bit of a buffer between them and liability, and also supports the ongoing existence of the events.

But! We need your help with this! We're holding an incorporation meeting where we need people to sign their name as members of the Huttcross Cyclocross club. We need names and signatures, and a vote on the members of the first membership committee before we send off an application form. It'll also be a chance for yarns, drinks, and laying down bold challenges for the season.

The meeting will be at Southern Cross bar (CX-appropriate name) on Abel Smith St, Wellington on 20 April from 6pm.

The proposed club constitution is linked here. If you've got any comments on it in advance of the meeting, please email andykingnz [at] gmail.com.

The candidates for the Management Committee are:

President: Andy King
Treasurer: Calum Chamberlain
Secretary: Dean Johansson
Committee Members: Alex Revell, Matt Leyland, Tom Lynskey

And, never fear! We hope to shortly announce details of an upcoming Huttcross season. You didn't think we'd forgotten?


  1. Are there any dates for the next series. Cheers

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