Info for Bike Shops, Spectators, and Photographers

Cyclocross for all!

Hüttcross is not affiliated with any bike shops, companies, medical products, investment funds or demonic masters. We're up for cyclocross for cyclocross' sake.

However, we welcome all those who share our passion to come along, enjoy the events, and contribute to the atmosphere. 


Cyclocross makes for some great photography - it's got action, agony,  mud, and occasionally a smile (not to be confused with the frequent grimacing). We welcome all photographers to come along and make the most of the events. And if you're willing to share your photos, feel free to send us a link via the Facebook group, or by email at huttcross[at]gmail.com.

Bike shops and other groups

We invite all bike shops and other interested groups to come along to the events and have a presence. We will be setting aside a specific pit area/race village at each event, which we intend to be an area for congregating, fixing bikes, heckling racers, and (when required) sheltering from the elements. 

If you've got pop-up tents or any signage, you're welcome to set up in this pit area and around the course to make the whole event a bit more colourful. Also: bring tyres to show off. Everyone loves talking (and often purchasing) CX tyres.


Similarly, we very much encourage competitors, their families, and anyone else looking for entertainment to enjoy the spectacle of cyclocross as much as partaking in the racing. We will have a coffee vendor on site to ward off the crisp Hutt morning cold. We're also big fans of some high-quality, good-natured heckling. Bring your noisemakers, your yelling voice, and a disposition to make some noise. 

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