Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hüttcross 2014 Major Spot Prize

Alright, crossfiends. Damn, what a weekend, eh? Now it's time for some info.

Anders Waiker is Wellington's local frame craftsman. A regular attendee at the CX races over the years, he's been known in our circles for a while now. When the Hüttcross series was in its infancy, Anders approached us and said he would be willing to offer a custom built frame as a major spot prize. At this point we had no sponsors, no idea of the actual demand for an ongoing cyclocross series and no good reason to believe it was worth his while. But there you go.

Along the way we've kept the series pretty grass roots, so the ability to offer up a custom frame is a cool feature. We think it's appropriate, however. This isn't a series that has been carved off the marketing budget of some big bike brand - we cobbled together the gear we inherited from the Bike Hutt series, borrowed some more, and downloaded a free program to do the timing on. From the beginning we insisted that the entry fee be low. 

It's all been makeshift, but crafted with love. It's not a money maker, it's just a way to let people come together and celebrate a shared passion for this weird and wonderful code. We feel like a custom frame - something that will probably stay with the lucky recipient for a lifetime - is a fitting hat tip to the ethos. Happily, however, Anders' work is far from cobbled together.

Anders' website speaks for itself. His work is superb. Aside from the fact that you can provide each of the specifications for the build, you'll end up with a very carefully prepared bicycle. The quality of Anders' fillet brazing shows a meticulous attention to detail - no corners cut. The result will be a strong, stiff and comfortable frame that should last a very, very long time. 

We really want to thank Anders. Not for giving us a spot prize to tempt more people to attend, but for getting behind our outfit from the beginning and for sharing our vision. As a result, some lucky person will get one hell of a bike out of it.

The prize draw will follow the A grade race next weekend, Sunday August 24th. You must be present to collect. Each entry into a Hüttcross race equals an entry into the prize draw. The winner will be selected electronically, at random. Once the winner is identified, they will liaise with Anders to get their project underway, dependent on his schedule. The build will be subject to whatever materials he has available.

So we'll see you next Sunday, crosslovers. August 24th. One more week to sneak in some panic training and/or work on your costume. See the post below for a map indicating the location of the carpark, or plug Michigan Crescent into google maps to get directions. 

Warmest kisses for the working week ahead,



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