Saturday, 30 May 2015


And so, once again, here we are.

Join us tomorrow, 31 May, upon the sodden banks of Te Awa Kairangi, for an introduction, a reunification, a reckoning. There will be mud. There will be suffering. And there will be joy.

Racing begins from 9am. As per the past, the entry fee is $10 per race (or free, if you've never 'crossed before). Noisemaking is encouraged. For more details see the Event Dates and Schedule page.

We trust you'll have fun.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pre-Season 'Cross Chat - 23 May

Kia Ora, Huttfolk!

In anticipation of the upcoming season, and embracing the social side of cyclocross, join us this Saturday 23 May 2015 at Crafters & Co on Victoria Street, Wellington for some quality beverages and bike-themed yarns. We'll be in attendance from 4.30pm until approximately 6.30pm.

If you've pre-ordered a named numberplate, we'll have these available for you to pick up. We'll also have a number of (the now limited-edition) purple 2014 Huttcross t-shirts for purchase for $25 a piece (all money returning to the Huttcross coffers!).

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Women's Introduction to Cyclocross - Skills Session 21 May

We're massive fans of getting more and more people involved in cyclocross. For this reason, this Thursday 21 May we're running a session exclusively for women to learn some basic cyclocross skills, get an idea what cyclocross is about, and meet some of the existing cyclocross crowd.

Whether you've 'crossed before, or the sport is a mystery to you, we invite all women who are interested to bring their bike along for 45-60 minutes of basic skills practice, followed by a drink on the Huttcross team at a local establishment. Joining us will be some skilled women who've Huttcross'd before who are happy to share their hints and tips on the sport and provide some great chat.

When and where (and what to wear):

  • Thursday 21 May, 6pm.
  • Meet at Frank Kitts Park on the Wellington waterfront, at the TSB Arena end.
  • We'll persevere if the weather is slightly poor, so a rain shell and insulation may be sensible. We will postpone if it's truly atrocious - postponement notice will be posted on this site. 
  • Some of the skills we'll be sorting involve a bit of fancy footwork, so wear some riding shoes you're willing to walk in (MTB shoes with cleats should be fine, but roadie cleats won't be much use).
  • Any bicycle with knobbly or larger tyres will work fine (we'll be on cobbles most of the time, so slicks will be fine).
If you've got any queries, please flick us an email at huttcross [at] gmail.com.