Sunday, 2 August 2015


And so, we a approach the final round for 2015.

The event shall be at Moonshine Park. There will be top-quality racing. Spectacular heckling. Colourful costumes. And one fine major spot prize. Make sure you're there til the end of the event to be in with a chance to win the Crucial Custom Cycles frame.

Given this is going be an extravaganza of an event, your event organisers are giving themselves slightly more time to set things up for your entertainment. As a result, the schedule for the day will be bumped back by half an hour, meaning things shall be occurring at the following times:
  • C Grade - 9.30am
  • Kids' Race - 10.20am
  • B Grade - 10.45am
  • A Grade - 12.00pm.
We hope to kick off the (relatively brief) prize giving by approximately 1.15pm.